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  • Hartelijk welkom op de website van het Chèvremonts Mannenkoor 1912 Kerkrade.

About us

Véron Jongstra
Véron Jongstra

Véron Jongstra began her piano studies from a private teacher Jan Kollee. From her 17th, she took lessons at the music school in Weert (NL), where she was preparing for the entrance exam at the Maastricht Conservatory. In 1984, she began her training majoring in piano, at the Maastricht Conservatory with Avital Schönfeld, where in 1990 she earned her teaching diploma “Docerend Musicus Piano”. She continued her studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Michael Anderson and holds a degree in Performing Musicus in 1993. Furthermore, she obtained the diploma Choir Management from the S.N.K. at the music school in Beek (NL).

Véron is currently a teacher at the Regional School of Music in Kerkrade and the Foundation Kreato in Thorn (NL). She regularly accompany solo singers as Ernst Daniël Smid, Harrie Peeters, Hub Claessens, Frans Kokkelmans, Wendy Kokkelkoren, Corinne Romijn, Kim Savelsbergh, Daphne Ramakers, Janine Kitzen, Pascal Pittie, Lien Haegeman, Claudia Couwenbergh and others.

Besides solo performances, both with orchestra and in the form of recitals, she regularly accompanies choirs, instrumental soloists and constitutes a piano duo with Esther Zaad. In 2006 performed Véron the 1st Piano Concerto P. I. Tchaikovsky with it “Kerkraads Symfony Orkest”.

As a conductor, she is also associated with the female Choir “Femmes Vocales” and the mixed Choir “Coro Incanto”.


The CMK 1912 has a very broad and interesting repertoire. It consists of:

  • Classical Music
  • Popular music
  • Opera and operetta music
  • Musical Music Spiritual Music
  • Slavic / Byzantine music
  • Christmas Music
  • Music in the Limburg dialect

The choir currently has 420 performed works in its archive where to choose.

A rich history

The choir was founded in 1912 by Jos Dortu, the then rector, organist of St. Peter parish located in the district Chèvremont of Kerkrade. The CMK1912 currently has about 60 active singers. Although the choir, during his long life, can look back on many important musical events, it will be sufficient to mention here some of the musical highlights from the more recent past.

  • In 1974 the choir undertook a concert tour to Czechoslovakia, where concerts were given in Brno and Bratislava.
  • In 1978 it CMK very successful represented itself at the European choir days in Bremen.
  • In 1982 the choir took part in the "Internationales Chorfest Innsbruck" with a glorious performance.
  • Since 1975 became the choir known for the performance of the yearly “Passion concert” during 10 years, to witch prominent Dutch and foreign soloists cooperated.
  • For 25 times the CMK organized a Christmas celebration in the Rodahal in Kerkrade, where several hundred people from various Kerkrade and Herzogenrath (D) associations were involved.
  • As part of the 75th anniversary celebration the choir undertook a 9-day concert tour to Rome, as if to adorn the absolute highlights of the solemn High Mass with the main celebrant Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the commemoration of 25 years 2nd Vatican Council, a performance during the Pope’s Audience in St. Peter's Square for more than 20,000 believers, concerts for the Dutch-Italian Association and the Ambassador of the H. Chair.
  • Furthermore, in 1987 an Opera gala concert in collaboration with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra and soloists in the Wijngracht Theater in Kerkrade.
  • In 1988, 1993 and 1995 the choir undertook concert tours to the Eifel (Germany) with concerts in Bad Münster Eifel, Bad Neuenahr, Convent Steinfeld, Monschau and Euskirchen.
  • In 1988 the choir presented its first LP.
  • In 1989 the choir provided assistance to 2 major concerts under the World Music Contest (WMC) in Kerkrade.
  • In 1989 a great Verdi opera concert with works from Oberto, Nabucco and Ernani with the Limburgs Symphony Orchestra.
  • In 1990 and in 1991 performed the choir during the Summer Proms Concerts in Kerkrade and Genk (Belgium).
  • In 1992 followed the concert trip to Magdeburg, where such a formidable evening concert was given in the “Georg Philipp Telemann-Konzerthalle”.
  • Again in 1992 as part of the celebration of the 80th anniversary celebrations is a 5-day concert tour to Vienna undertaken, where various concerts were given, and in the “the Rathaus” in Vienna, we participated with Advent singing.
  • On May 16, 1996 gave  the choir a performance during the ceremony of Queen Beatrix of the Charlemagne Prize in Aachen, in the presence of her royal family including, Federal President Roman Herzog and Minister-President of Nordreinwestfalen Johannes Rau.
  • In November 1996 the first CD "Tijdloos" was released, which was an instant success.
  • In April 1997 within the framework of the 85th anniversary celebration did we do about 5 performance in the Wijngrachttheater in Kerkrade.
  • 1999 was marked by the 12-day concert tour to Barcelona which includes the luster to the High Mass in the cathedral of Barcelona, a vespers concert in the monastery of Montserrat and an evening concert in Girona.
  • In 2001, as part of the WMC, the CMK with the Royal St. Lambertus  Male Choir, soloist Marten Smeding and it Kerkraads Symfonie  Orkest performed "Rinaldo" by Brahms.
  • 2002 which marked our 90th anniversary, we made a concert trip to Berlin and Magdeburg, a popular concert in May, in it Wijngracht Theater with Rock4 and soloist Jan Gooren and a  Opera Concert in November with ensemble Canto con Fuoco from Geleen, men choir ”Beeker Liedertafel” from Beek, mixed choir Vivace from Weert and various soloists, with performances in Weert, Beek and Kerkrade.
  • 2003, a concert by the Rutgers University Choir from New York, a classical concert with the participation of soloists in the St. Lambertus church in Kerkrade. A Concert in the Garden of Erenstein, occasion of the presentation of the book "100 years Chèvremont". Furthermore, a concert with the madrigalisten from the Dreiländereck of the former DDR, and a 2-day concert tour to Germany in the Eifel near Prüm.
  • In 2004 again a Two day concert tour to Speyer, Germany, a concert in Rolduc on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of Rolduc and of the reunion of former Rolduciens. Major concerts in theaters in Weert and Kerkrade for a project of Warchild "Spirit of the Child"
  • During the 2005 World Music Contest a great opera concert was given in the Rodahal with Symphony Orchestra (KSO) and other choirs and soloists. Furthermore, an opera concert was given for KSO’s 50th Anniversary.
  • 2006. Cooperation was given for a gala concert organized by "Kloone vuur Clowns”. Luster to a Holy Mass in the context of the beatification of Ailbertus of Anthoing of Rolduc. Also an 8 Day culture / concert trip to Slovenia.
  • In 2007 a two-day concert tour to Ahrweiler (D) and a concert with an ensemble of CMK and Guido's Orchestra conducted by Guido Dieteren and soprano Wendy and Tessa Kokkelkoren sold-out in it PLT-Theater Kerkrade.
  • In 2008, as part of "900 years Lambertus Parish" with David ‘s Male Choir, Royal Male Choir St. Lambertus, Kerkraads Sympfonie Orkest, soprano Kim Savelsbergh and bass Harry Peeters, cooperated in a major opera concert in the Parkstad Limburg Theaters Kerkrade. There was also a concert trip to Mayschoß and we organized together with mixed choir Coro Incanto and it Byzantine-Slavic mixed choir Sobornost a 3-choir concert in the chapel of Park Imstenrade.
  • 2009 along with Bill Van Dijk, was it CMK 1912, THE choir that cooperated for it’s concert "Golden Musical Moments" in Theater Kerkrade. Furthermore, it CMK was part of a 200-voice choir, who performed the Grande Messe Sainte Solenelle Cecil of Gounoud, in the Rodahal as part of the WMC 2009.
  • In 2010 achieved our choir during the Limburg Choirs Festival first prize and first place and worked CMK1912 participate in the "Mooi Limburgs Concert" to Rolduc, organized by Harmonie St. Caecilia Spekholzerheide.
  • 2011 kept the CMK a benefit in the context of the restoration of the St. Marie Organ of St. Gertrudkirche of Herzogenrath (D).
    Another highlight was a concert for invited guests of the Sparkasse Aachen in the Energeticon to Alsdorf (D).
  • During the anniversary year 2012 the CMK kept in all retirement homes of Kerkrade mini concerts for residents.
    In the equestrian stadion Aachen (D) our choir sang the opening service with 5,000 visitors of the world famous equestrian event CHIO.
    During the concert trip to Prague and Dresden the choir sang several church services in such Nanebevzti Panny Marie of the Strahov Monastery. During an international choir festival in the concert hall in Prague's Divadlo Hybernia, CMK1912 won the first prize. In Dresden the choir got the exceptional ability to sing in the Frauenkirche.
    In the context of 865 years of Monastery Church in Marienthal (D) the Holy Mass was graced with the main celebrant Bishop Frans Wiertz.
    In our official Caecilia Celebration CMK1912 received from the hands of our Mayor Jos Som Royal Honorary Medal of Queen Beatrix.
    During the sold-Opera Gala Concert at the Rodahal Kerkrade the especially for the choir composed Cantata Infiammata was performed as a world premiere. We continued the program with renowned opera works, supported by Weerter mixed choir Vivace, Vocaal Ensemble Kerkrade, Koninklijk Kerkraads Mannenkoor St. Lambertus and accompanied by the Limburgs Symphonie Orkest (LSO). Claudia Couwenbergh soprano and baritone Harry Peeters were soloists in the concert.
    Under great public interest gave the choir two concerts in the Abbey Church of Rolduc during the Christmas Market held in the abbey.

For over 14 years CMK organize a annual Christmas concert in it Parkstad Limburg Theater in Kerkrade. During those concerts we try and bring our audiences in the Christmas spirit by singing a great variety of national and international Christmas songs.At this concert perform more renowned soloists, choirs and musicians to bring our audiences a beautiful Christmas Feeling and we all hope to welcome you to one of our future concerts.


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